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Other Services

  • Snake Control
  • Lizard Control
  • Woodborer

If snakes are your pests, then you need them physically trapped and removed. The snake is a reptile, and the only way to keep snakes away from your home and property is to have then caught by hand, tong, or trap, and taken away from the area.
Poisons can’t be used to control snakes. There is no registered or effective or legal (or humane) to kill snakes.
If you find any snakes at your place, please call the following snake charmers in Bangalore, who rescue and rehabilitate them to the safer place.
Contact Person:
Mr. Praveen
 Mobile- 9242996015 /  9980339880  /   080 – 28604767 /  28603986.

Ultrasonic Snake Repeller:  Please Check the details of our ultrasonic mole & snake repeller in the product category

Lizard Control is so intricate job, which involves the knowledge of the pest habitat that includes their feeding habits, breeding and hiding places and their active period
Pest Pro, Lizard treatment is carried out in three ways:
Chemical Measures: We use a special formulation having contact action, which subsequently proves fatal. The treatment needs to be carried out Evenings / Night when these pests come out of their hideouts in search of live insects. Spot Treatments will render for Lizard because of their thick cuticle.
Mechanical Measure: Using Lizard traps around lights as lizards come out to eat flies & they are attracted towards white light.
Ultra Sonic Lizard Repellent: Please find the detail of Lizard & Rodent Ultrasonic repellent in the product category.
Herbal Repellent: We use lizout repellent which are pasted around the lights & their habitats.

Wood Borer Treatment:

Wood Borers are very destructive and turns precious wood into dust. The powder or dust falling from the holes in the wood is the excreta of the borers and undigested cellulose of wood.


The Wood Borers are controlled by injecting the insecticides in the holes with a syringe. The entire wood is also sprayed with insecticide


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