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Disinfestation Treatment

Against Cockroaches and Other Crawling Insects:

Cockroaches, bed bugs, red ants, silverfish, and wall lizards are pests that thrive around human dwellings. Though unclean conditions increase their numbers, these insects, because of their dependence on man for food, will still exist in the best and cleanest of premises, these insects are repulsive, cause diseases by carrying germs on their body and contaminate food. They also interfere with personal comfort and can cause social embarrassment. Pest Pro Pest Control Treatment will do the job thoroughly and efficiently.

Pest Pro General Disinfestation Treatment:

The treatment is carried out by spraying combination of insecticides (Herbal Insecticide / Chemical In secticide) in every crack and crevice of the premises to reach all the hidden parts so as to kill all the existing insects.

In addition to general spray for bed bugs, seams of mattresses are specifically treated with Oil based Chemical.

In case of red ants, besides liquid spray, an insecticide powder is sprinkled which is highly effective.

Wall lizards, wherever accessible, are sprayed with the liquid insecticide. They take more than an hour to die.

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