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About Us

Dr. DEEPU KUMAR. S, CEO & Director of the company, has persuaded B.Sc (Agri) from U.A.S, Bangalore , has rich administrative and operational experience in the field of Pest Management and is specialized in Commercial Entomology. He is also accomplished with e-MBA from Abet University of Brazil & PGDHRM from Manasgangotri, Mysore . He has undergone training in the field of “Advanced Technologies of Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management”.

Mrs. PAVITHA DEEPU. Executive Director of the company, has persuaded MBA (Agri Business) from U.A.S, Dharwad, has rich experience in Human Resource Management and also have completed training programmes on Integrated Pest Management.

Dr. Ravi. S. K, Mentor of the Company, is a dynamic person with an excellent track record of customer rapport; He is an M.Sc (Agri) in Entomology from University of Agricultural Sciences , Bangalore . He has done research in the field of Biological control of woolly aphid and has vast experience in the field of Domestic pest control services. He has presented many Seminars and published research papers in the field of Pest Management. He has participated in the training programme conducted by IFFCO-TOKIO, Bangalore.

Dr. A.K.CHAKRAVARTHY, Mentor of the company, has done Ph.D in Entomology from Punjab Agricultural University , Ludhiana and has more than three decades experience in the field of pest management. He was awarded many fellowships and Medals including the fellowship from International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria . He is a member of FAO of United Nations; AWB, Malaysia; ISTE, Varanasi; ISCN, Bangalore; ESI, Thirupathi, RAP, Bangkok. He is a referee, reviewer and editor for some of the National and International Journals. He has done research in many fields of pest management and published more number of research papers, articles and books.

Dr. A.R.V. Kumar, Mentor of the company, is a veteran in the field of Pest Management, with PhD in Agricultural Entomology at U.A.S. Bangalore. He promotes Eco-friendly technologies in pest management, Neem is his pet. He was also instrumental in developing many technologies useful to the farming community. Two notable ones are those of management of Groundnut white grub in dry land areas and the other of a more complex Arecanut white grubs in the coastal area and the Western Ghats . He has done research in the field of Integrated Pest Management & Exploring Plants for Insecticidal Compounds. He is one of the members of Research Advisory Committees for Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore and Karnataka State Sericulture Development Institute, Bangalore and also published more than 58 Research papers.

Dr. M. Manjunatha, Mentor of the company, is a well known personality and has more than 25 years experience in the field of Pest Management. He has persuaded Post Doctorate in Entomology at IACR, Rothamsted , U.K. and PhD in Entomology from U.A.S, Bangalore . He has received many prestigious awards including JAWA HARL AL NEHRU AWA RD for his outstanding research in the field of Entomology. He was one of the members of Department promotion committee at NRCS, Hyderabad by DG, ICAR, for the year 2000-2001 and also served as a member of selection committee of Research Associates and served as a Chairman of the editorial committee for the magazine called “Krishi Sahyadri”. He has written many books on Pest Management like “Handbook of medicinal and aromatic crop pests”, “Hand book on pests of fruits and vegetables” & “Handbook on pests of plantation and spice crops”.

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